Musical Instruments

A Brief History of Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is a device that is built to create music; it can be anything from a leaf or paper to something more sophisticated such as an electric guitar.

The History of Musical Instruments

Musical InstrumentsThere is no precise date when man started to recognize that sounds can be turned in to music but all ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Roman and Greek mention the presence of musical instruments. It is believed that human beings discovered the potential of music from their own musical chords by accidentally hurting themselves and thus making a scream or shout.

The Different Types of Musical Instruments

There are many types of musical instruments and they are divided into categories by the way they create sounds. Here are the different categories:

  • Wind instruments  typical wind musical instruments are trumpets, flutes, clarinets and bagpipes. These instruments create music through a column of air that is made to vibrate inside the instrument as air is blown into them by mouth.
  • String instruments  a typical string musical instrument is a guitar or mandolin and they generate sounds through plucking of the strings, which through vibration create what we call music.
  • Electronic instruments  these are more advanced musical instruments of our times and they produce music through electronic means such as keyboards, drums or guitars.
  • Keyboard instruments  these musical instruments produce music through keyboards such as pianos and organs. Usually keyboards create music and some also have an additional means to help manipulated these sounds such as a pedals in the case of a piano and stops for organs.

The Joy of Music

Music has always been a great source of relaxation and stress relief; it is known to have therapeutic powers and is widely recommended by doctors to patients as a source of well being.

Human beings are not the only ones who enjoy music; animals and plants have been observed to have a liking for the magic tones. It has been researched that plants respond to different types of music by growing better or alternately drying up and dying.

Music has the power to touch one’s soul and that is the reason why all ceremonies are accompanied by some sort of music from funerals to weddings and any type of party is not complete without some music or another.

Music is food for the soul and mind and it surely brings color into our lives.

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