Learn To Play Guitar Easily!

Would you like to learn to play guitar? We have the following tips for you to make a good guitar pick. Learn To Play Guitar takes time and practice, and every type of guitar is played differently from the other. A guitar is a stringed instrument and you can play guitar with your fingers or a plectrum. There are many different kinds of guitars, each with their own variations. The most famous guitar is the acoustic guitar, but in addition, there are also the electric guitar, bass and ukulele.


Learn To Play Guitar on an acoustic or electric guitar?

Before you decide to learn to play guitar, it is important that you make a choice between an acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Below is the difference between the different types of guitars:

Benefits of acoustic guitar with steel strings

An acoustic with steel string is a good guitar to learn to play, especially when you want to be a singer or a songwriter. The chords of an acoustic guitar with steel string sustain longer, it is also called more sustain. The construction of a steel string acoustic guitar is more heavily built than a classical guitar, and has a completely different sound than a classical guitar.

An acoustic steel string guitar is also called steel string guitar, or called western guitar. There are several good brands that make acoustic guitars that are very capable of learning to play guitar, like Sigma, Stanford, Blue Ridge, Eastman, Taylor and Martin.

To play the right  technique of guitar, you can choose a best beginner guitar with nylon strings. This classical guitar is originally from Spain and the sound of the classical guitar is warmer, making this guitar is suitable for example, classical music, Brazilian music, Jazz music, but also to accompany songs. For children there are special Children’s nylon string guitars that have a smaller size and therefore are easily playable.

Benefits of electric guitar

You’ll want to focus more on pop music or other electric sound? Then you can choose to directly learn to play guitar on an electric guitar. For Jazz and Blues sound, there is extensive use of a Hollow body electric guitar. The advantage of an electric guitar is that you can create many timbres. There are several electric guitar starter kits with an affordable sum of money.

Tip! Choose electric guitars with steel strings, in these guitars the strings are thinner, the neck is narrower and the strings are lower on the neck causing it to play an electric guitar lighter.

Learn guitar with plectrum

Plectrums or picks are small, plastic, flat pieces that you can use to play all guitar technique. Even experienced guitar players use a lot of picks when more volume or a louder sound is required. A plectrum hold between your thumb and your forefinger. There are many different types of guitar picks for each kind of music. The shape, material, size and thickness all affect the guitar playing and the sound. Learn To Play Guitar with a pick? Make sure there is a front plate is put on your guitar, this prevents damage by the tougher strike.

Watch out! Use a guitar pick better not with a classical guitar! This may damage the top. Or get a pickguard which is also removable.

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Shopping For the Right Acoustic Guitars

For many years, classical guitars have been used extensively for all sorts of purposes, and in the course of time, more modern form of guitars have started to appear. One of the most famous modern forms of guitars is the acoustic guitar. This descendant of the classic guitar is a non-electric guitar which is generally strung with steel strings for a brighter, louder sound.

>> A Brief History of Musical Instruments

Generally speaking, all forms of non-electric guitars are known as acoustic guitars. You may have heard people saying steel-stringed guitar, classical guitar, folk guitar or others; but they actually all mean the same.

Many famous guitarists such as rock band artists use acoustic guitars because these guitars produce a very loud sound naturally.

The Many Variants

acoustic guitarAcoustic guitars are basically made from various types of materials. The most expensive ones come with extremely solid wood tops, sides and back. Usually, these guitars are made from exclusive woods such as rosewood, maple or mahogany. The medium range ones are normally made from combined solid tops with laminated backs or sides while the lower-end ones are made entirely of limited woods.

Normally when buying one, what we should see first is the built of the wood, which is the wood type and its construction. A good guitar must be made of dried wood. Really good guitars are made from extremely dried woods to ensure the absence of moisture which can make the whole guitar crooked in time.

Besides these, there are many acoustic guitars nowadays which are made of alternative species of woods. Many makers are producing guitars with tops made of red cedar, mahogany, or other alternative materials such as plastic or graphite.

The Many Parts

Acoustic guitars work from the good blend of many parts of the guitar, such as the bridge, the neck, the body, and the end blocks. So it is important to check these individual parts when buying one.

Take for example; the bridge. The part of the bridge which touches the strings picks up the vibrations and transmits them into the sound chamber, where they are amplified and bounced through the box-shaped struts then pushed out from the sound hole.

So, it is very important to have a very good bridge unit. Avoid buying acoustic guitars with bridges made from plastic, because they would never produce satisfying sound – and the same applies to every other part of the guitar as well. Each of them need to be made of very good material, and you must check that before buying.

You also watch this video, it can help you find more useful information:

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A Brief History of Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is a device that is built to create music; it can be anything from a leaf or paper to something more sophisticated such as an electric guitar.

The History of Musical Instruments

Musical InstrumentsThere is no precise date when man started to recognize that sounds can be turned in to music but all ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Roman and Greek mention the presence of musical instruments. It is believed that human beings discovered the potential of music from their own musical chords by accidentally hurting themselves and thus making a scream or shout.

The Different Types of Musical Instruments

There are many types of musical instruments and they are divided into categories by the way they create sounds. Here are the different categories:

  • Wind instruments  typical wind musical instruments are trumpets, flutes, clarinets and bagpipes. These instruments create music through a column of air that is made to vibrate inside the instrument as air is blown into them by mouth.
  • String instruments  a typical string musical instrument is a guitar or mandolin and they generate sounds through plucking of the strings, which through vibration create what we call music.
  • Electronic instruments  these are more advanced musical instruments of our times and they produce music through electronic means such as keyboards, drums or guitars.
  • Keyboard instruments  these musical instruments produce music through keyboards such as pianos and organs. Usually keyboards create music and some also have an additional means to help manipulated these sounds such as a pedals in the case of a piano and stops for organs.

The Joy of Music

Music has always been a great source of relaxation and stress relief; it is known to have therapeutic powers and is widely recommended by doctors to patients as a source of well being.

Human beings are not the only ones who enjoy music; animals and plants have been observed to have a liking for the magic tones. It has been researched that plants respond to different types of music by growing better or alternately drying up and dying.

Music has the power to touch one’s soul and that is the reason why all ceremonies are accompanied by some sort of music from funerals to weddings and any type of party is not complete without some music or another.

Music is food for the soul and mind and it surely brings color into our lives.

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